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Medieval Pavilions & Tentage

All Panther tentage is available in at least 3 different canvasses. Our Medieval Pavilions are available in a colored canvas, which allows you to choose from 7 colors!

Historic Tipis and Camp Gear Marquee - Oval

This tent has less usable space with it's curved ends, but you'll have to agree they really add to the looks of the tent.

Historic Tipis and Camp Gear Marquee - Square or Rectangular

This is a very roomy tent. It's 6' or optional 7' walls give you plenty of room for your 4 poster bed, your armour, your gowns for court, and anything else you may require. We carry 33 square and rectangular sizes and, of course, can always make custom sizes.

Historic Tipis and Camp Gear Round Pavilion

This tent is a round version of the marquee tent.

Historic Tipis and Camp Gear Norman Saxon Wedge Tent

This tent is made to set up with 3 poles instead of a free-standing framework. These are available in the same 4 sizes as the Viking tent. Also available... 17 different wedges in our wedge tent section.

Historic Tipis and Camp Gear French Double Belled Wedge

This tent can be set up with only 2 or three poles. The bells on both ends make this a very attractive tent.

Historic Tipis and Camp Gear Viking Wedge Tent

The medieval Viking tent is supported entirely by a free-standing framework of poles. These are huge tents with the largest one measuring 14'7" wide X 17'3" long and 11'5" tall.

Historic Tipis and Camp Gear Regent Pavilion

A square roof portion with a base that forms an octagon. Lots of room with only 5 poles needed for set up. This is a one piece tent.

Check out our Tents of the Fur Trade section for our wall tents and a wide variety of flys, options and set up packages.

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