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How do I clean my Panther Tent?

The cleaner you keep your tent the longer it will last. Mildew grows on dirt, so it is important to clean it before putting it away. To clean our canvas we recommend mild hand dishwashing liquid like Ivory in lukewarm water. (about a capful to one gallon) Lay the tent down and scrub with a rag or a soft brush. The harder you scrub the more you risk scrubbing off the waterproofing. Do not use bleach or any other chemicals. When finished make sure you rinse very well. Any soap left on the canvas could cause the tent to leak. Make sure the tent is very dry before you store it.

How do I protect my Ground Cloth?

If you have a Panther Super Ground cloth your ground cloth is protected by a layer of plastic sewn on to the bottom that will protect the canvas. If you have a regular canvas ground cloth, lay a piece of plastic on the ground under your ground cloth. While your canvas is mildew repellant, it's not mildew proof. A ground cloth lying on the damp ground for a week creates the perfect conditions for mildew and rot.

How soon can you ship my Panther Tent?

Our shipping dates vary a lot by the time of the year. Sometimes we have tents in stock. Spring and summer are our busiest times and we can get backed up as long as 9 weeks on certain tents. During this time the schedule can change every day depending on the number of tent orders we receive each day. At the time you place your order and we receive your 20% deposit (50% on custom orders) you will be given the number of weeks before your tent will be shipped. This will be stated on the copy of your invoice we send you. Your Panther tent may ship sooner if things go faster than expected.

Do you do custom work?

Yes! A large percentage of our orders are custom. Please send us a sketch of what you have in mind with measurements and the type of canvas you want. We'll get back to you with a price. If you decide to order we'll need a 50% deposit. We will send you a copy of your invoice and a sketch for you to sign and send back to us.

What is the difference between a sod flap and a ground cloth?

Our sod flap is a 10" wide turn in that is sewn on to the bottom of the tent and flaps into the inside. The ground cloth is usually the same size as the bottom of your tent and goes on top of your sod flap. A ground cloth is a separate piece of canvas, while a sod cloth is sewn on to your tent.

Do you keep tents in stock?

We try to make stock during the winter. It's difficult because there are so many combinations of tents with different options in different types of canvas. Give us a call and we'll let you know what we have in the type of tent you're looking for.

Do you have a "tent show room" at your shop in West Virginia?

No, we're a little short on flat ground here in the hills of West Virginia. If you would like to stop by we would be happy to talk to you about your tent purchase. We're on route 33 between Ripley and Weston West Virginia, 8 miles west of Glenville in Gilmer County. We don't have a store but if you would like to pick up an order just give us a call and we'll have it ready for you. If there are any products that you would like to look at let us know when you get here and we'll get them from the warehouse.

Can you rush a tent order?

We will rush your tent order if we can. Sometimes the tent schedule has some extra room in it and we can fit your tent in. Other times we are very busy and have a tight schedule and cannot rush your order. We do not charge extra to rush an order, we consider it part of our excellent customer service to help you out if we can. So give us a call and ask if we can ship your tent in time for your event. Sometimes we can promise a certain rush ship date, other times we can do a "ship by 00/00/00 if possible". In that case we'll try to ship it by that date. If all goes well and no one is sick, a sewing machine doesn't break down, etc. we may be able to ship it in time. Remember that we list ship dates, not arrival dates. We can give you an approximate date that the shipping company will deliver your tent, but it's only an estimate.

I have a tent that is already made. Can I add an option like sod flap now?

We can add a sod flap to a tent. If it is an older tent, we may have to add in it in a way that the new canvas will shrink less and not cause your tent to pucker. We'll quote the price of adding the sod flap and you will be responsible for the cost of shipping the tent both ways. Other options like overlapping facing or extra doors can sometimes be added. Sometimes it's so much extra work to add an option after the tent is made that it would be too costly to make the change. There is a lot of labor in ripping out seams. Give us a call and we can get a quote on an alteration to your existing tent. Changes like these would go on the regular tent schedule and may take several weeks to complete depending on the length of our tent schedule.

What does the price of a tent include?

The price of a tent includes the canvas tent only. In our catalog you will see a price list for a set up package. A set up package includes the poles, stakes and ropes with wooden sliders (if required for your type of tent). We price the tent and the set up package separately because many of our customers prefer to make their own poles and rope sets. Instructions on making your own poles are included with each tent.

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